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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the next session of lessons be posted?
    We book our lesson sets as 8 week sessions, anywhere from a month to two weeks before the starting dates. Earlier the better is what we aim for, but we must work with the facility schedules and create our schedule only once that is available to us. The home page will display when the next bookings are open, with specific dates and times set as soon as we know.
  • How do I book?
    When lessons are available, you must first choose the location of your choice. Once you are in that location, you must choose the set. The title will tell you the name of your instructor, and the day of the week. Please read the box carefully as it includes more information. Once selected, you will be directed to choose to "add a participant" (make it a semi-private class) or skip that step. From there, you select your desired time, view the summary of your order and make the payment via credit card.
  • Do I have to pay admission to enter the public pools?
    Yes, to enter the city facilities you have to pay admission for your children. If you are just watching you do not need to pay for yourself. Tell the front desk you are helping your child get ready for a private lesson and the instructor has paid to enter the pool, and that you will not be entering the water. Children 5 and under are free, and children from ages 6-18 are $6. Your child over the age of 6 may stay and play in the pool before or after their lesson as well.
  • Should I bring anything extra to my child's lessons?
    Goggles are encouraged if you have them, but no lifejackets or other equipment is required.
  • What type of lessons do you teach?
    We use a lesson plan designed to work on the fundamental skills first, like breathing and body position, which will get them swimming as soon as possible. Using play and imagination, we make learning new skills fun and every week is a different adventure. Every game or activity we practice contributes to the larger goals of getting your child comfortable in the water, swimming in deep water with ease, and safely making it from edge to edge swimming on their front or back (or both!)
  • Are you affiliated with the Red Cross? Will my child receive badges at the end of their lessons?
    No, we are not affiliated with the Red Cross, and children will not receive badges at the end of the lesson. Red Cross is closing their swimming lesson program and will be finished in Canada in 2023. At Lifestyle, we teach lessons with a progression designed to get your child swimming with their face in and treading water as soon as possible.
  • Can any skill level be taught at any pool?
    We welcome swimmers of any level and swim ability to all of our facilities! However, the Warman Pool is only 5 meters in length, so we recommend that all swimmers over Red Cross level 4 take lessons with us at a public pool in Saskatoon, so they have more space to learn.
  • Can I enroll more than one child in swimming lessons at a time?
    If the kids are close in age and skill level, they may be in a semi-private lesson together at the same time. We recommend that private lessons with kids 6 years old and under take place in Saskatoon, where the public pools have a shallow end. Warman Pool is about 5 feet deep, and even with crates to assist for height, it is not recommended to have children under 6 years old together in a semi-private lesson in Warman.
  • What if I can’t make a lesson?
    Lesson sets are booked in 8-week increments (unless otherwise stated) and cancellations are non-refundable. If you are not going to be at a lesson, please email so your instructor can be informed.
  • What is the cancellation policy if I change my mind before the start date?
    If you cancel up to 3 days before the first day the lessons, a credit for the amount of lessons booked will be added to your account, so that the next time you book your payment will be saved. If the change is to be made less than 3 days before the first date, no refund will be issued. Please be sure that the dates and times chosen work for you so that cancellations and changes aren't necessary.
  • Do you offer lessons at private outdoor pools in the summer time?
    Yes! We love coming to your pools to work with your children in a space that is familiar to them. We ask that you fill 3 hours of lesson time- 6 lessons. This may include other friends and family, or neighbors as well. We understand that this might not be possible for everyone, but we try to maximize the time we are at one location for efficiency sake. If this is not an option for you, we would still work our best to fit lessons for you into our schedule, but people able to fill the 3 hours will be given first priority. We also offer summer group lesson rates with up to 3 swimmers in each lesson.
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