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Lindsey Schmidt


My speed swimming background is what propelled me into the passion for instructing. Coaching speed swimming lead to lifeguarding, which I pursued while coaching for many years. I have been lifeguarding and instructing swimming lessons for over 10 years. My love for the water and respect for the sport has lead me to where I am today! With my years of experience influenced by different programs, I’ve developed a progression for all swimmers, that gets results in the most efficient way possible. I have discovered that the best way to get quick and lasting results in swimming is through private lessons, where the focus is 100% on the child and their specific needs. That is why I created Lifestyle Swim Lessons.  


Jade Keyowski


My swimming journey began as nervous 4 year old, with fears of putting my face in the water. Therefore, I can relate with swimmers that struggle in this area. As I grew out of my fears, I found my passion and love for aquatics, and soon knew that I wanted to continue as lifeguard and swimming instructor! I have worked as a lifeguard for 3 years and have been teaching lessons for over a year. I have taken my Lifesaving Society Instructor course and have experience teaching Lifesaving Society Lessons. I truly enjoy creating a connection with my swimmers and find fulfillment in helping them reach their full potential. Being able to see someone so proud of their own accomplishments is what makes me want to do this job every day.

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Kristen Mitzel


I grew up in a small town in western Saskatchewan and basically lived at the pool in the summer. I loved taking swimming lessons and always wanted to be like the lifeguards/instructors when I grew up. I was a lifeguard/swimming instructor for 6 years before I “retired” to focus on my schooling at the University of Saskatchewan. I have now completed both my Bachelors and Masters of Science in Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry. I am currently 25 years old and am excited to be teaching swimming lessons part time! My favourite part about teaching swimming lessons is witnessing the joy and triumph a child feels when they have accomplished something that we have been practicing - the, “Mom look what I did” moments.


Makenna McClelland


I started instructing, following in my mom’s footsteps, at our hometown pool in Nipawin, Sk. I worked there for many summers before moving to Saskatoon for university, at which time I began teaching with K&K Swim School. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a halt to my teaching career for a year, but I am so happy to be back in the water with my new swimming family at Lifestyle Swim Lessons. After 7 years of combined experience, my favorite aspect of teaching is seeing my students' confidence and perseverance as they work to conquer their fears in the water. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should learn and be welcome to explore at their own pace, to create long-term success in the water.

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Rachael Harlton


My name is Rachael Harlton, I was born and raised in Saskatoon, but love small town life and getting out in the community. I am currently in my final year of achieving my education degree from the University of Saskatchewan. My passion for swimming comes from many years of taking lessons and being on speed swimming teams. I was a speed swimming coach in Saskatoon for ten years and am very grateful for my experiences there. I love working with kids of all ages and abilities. I am very passionate about assisting all swimmers hit their goals and love to see them make new strides in whatever they are working towards!

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Paulina Salisbury


My love of swimming began when I was very little after my parents enrolled me in swimming lessons.  As I grew up, I knew that I wanted to be a lifeguard and a swimming instructor.  It felt like a dream come true when I was hired at the University of Saskatchewan to teach lessons and be a lifeguard.  Ever since, I have enjoyed working there for the past two years, and at the Martensville Aquatic Center during the summer.  As an Education student at the University of Saskatchewan, I am passionate about seeing students thrive to their fullest potential.  I love helping students find their love for water, understanding pool and water safety, and providing them with skills they will use for the rest of their lives.      

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