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Lindsey Schmidt


My speed swimming background is what propelled me into the passion for instructing. Coaching speed swimming lead to lifeguarding, which I pursued while coaching for many years. I have been lifeguarding and instructing swimming lessons for over 10 years. My love for the water and respect for the sport has lead me to where I am today! With my years of experience influenced by different programs, I’ve developed a progression for all swimmers, that gets results in the most efficient way possible. I have discovered that the best way to get quick and lasting results in swimming is through private lessons, where the focus is 100% on the child and their specific needs. That is why I created Lifestyle Swim Lessons.  


Ainsley Molnar


I have a long history of swimming, beginning with summer lessons and moving to joining the Regina Optimistic Dolphins team where I competed for 3 years. I joined the Dolphins later than most, so I was slightly behind in skill level compared my teammates. My coaches cared about my success and encouraged me everyday to reach my goals. It was during that time I realized I wanted to be able to teach others to swim and succeed like my coaches had done for me. I have worked in my hometown pool in Cupar SK, teaching swimming lessons for the past two summers.  I have taught a variety of ages and skill levels, including adult water aerobics. I moved to Saskatoon this fall to attend the University of Saskatchewan where I am enrolled in Pre-Pharmacy. I’m so happy I have been given the opportunity to continue my role as a swimming instructor and look forward to helping more kids.


Alexis Jardine


I grew up in Lloydminster Alberta, spending much of my childhood in swimming lessons or at our local pool leisurely swimming. I have 5 years of instructing and lifeguarding experience and am passionate about seeing children fulfil their potential. I moved to Saskatoon to attend school to gain my degree in Early Childhood Education. I am eager to resume instructing, as I love what I do.  My favourite part of the job is watching the children gain experience and become more comfortable with their bodies in the water. Watching a child achieve a skill and be so excited about it is such a rewarding experience!

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Sean Erhardt


Hey, I'm Sean. I am a fourth-year Psychology student at the University of Saskatchewan and I have been teaching swimming lessons for over 4 years. Teaching private lessons with Lifestyle has helped me fill the hole in my heart from missing teaching so much, after taking on a different role in aquatics. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than watching swimmers flourish at something they thought impossible only a few days prior, and seeing that confidence blossom into other areas of their life. I believe private lessons are a great way for people to build confidence at their own pace while receiving a gold standard of personalized teaching. They're also just plain fun!  

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Calli Kirby


Hi! My name is Calli. I have been teaching swimming lessons for four years now. I am going into my fourth year of my bachelors in Education. I love teaching children and I believe that I can learn from them just as much as they learn from me. Swimming has always been a big part of my life. I spent most of my childhood at the pool and I decided to become a lifeguard and swim instructor as a teenager. I have had the opportunity to teach children of all ages and I have a lot of experience teaching children with special needs. My love of the water and my passion for teaching has led me to become a part of the Lifestyle Team. I can't wait to watch my students become amazing swimmers!

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Alisha Jezowski


My hometown is  Lloydminster, and I've recently moved to Saskatoon for new opportunities. My mom enrolled my in synchronized swimming at just five years old. Throughout my childhood, winters were spend competing with the Border City Stingrays synchro team, and summers were spent at the lake doing swimming lessons. I have been lifeguarding and instructing at the pools in Lloydminster for about 5 years and I’m exited to start teaching again in Saskatoon. I love being actively engaged and having fun with my swimmers. My philosophy is the more fun my swimmers are having, the more they enjoy their lessons, which yields better results. 

Alisha's Headshot.jpg

Denae Bottorff


I grew up in Lloydminster Alberta, spending most of my time in and around the pool. My passion for swimming started when I enrolled in Synchronized swimming at the age of 6. I have 5 years of Instructor and lifeguard experience from the pools in Lloydminster. I moved to Saskatoon to attend Edwards School of Business to gain my Bachelor of Commerce.  I am glad to have the opportunity to help people find comfortability and a love for the water. My main goal during any lesson is to work at the child’s pace and make sure they are getting the most out of the time we share.  Through skill-building, I encourage people to have trust in themselves during their swimming experience as they improve and grow.

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